Five Pillars of a Good Life

What’s the good life? Well, leaving aside people who join a monastery or ashram, and leaving off other extreme or outlier behaviors, most people end up acquiring a family, an occupation, and very little time or energy to think of a good life. But I think it is important to read and think on this topic. It appears to me that the good life stands on five pillars:

  1. Positive self-worth
  2. Healthy body
  3. Loving family and social circle (friends)
  4. Ongoing spiritual progress
  5. Healthy finances

Now, although all the pillars need to be strong, I feel the first one to be made strong is #5 – the financial pillar, because when people are assured of a strong financial pillar, they are able to devote more focus towards developing the first three pillars. And if the financial pillar is strong enough to free up time from the demands of work, then perhaps one can devote time and effort to do #4 — walk the spiritual path. By ‘spiritual path’ I mean a process of reflection, self-examination, and self-development. The spiritual path is not necessarily the same as the religious path.

Although fundamentally important, It will take us too far away from the charter of this blog, to get deeper into pillars #1- #4. However if you accept that the financial pillar is the first pillar that needs to be developed, that provides the motivation for reading the posts on this site.